Our Montessori Shelf

I had Ben build a shelf for our blocks and Montessori items. Something simple and open for easy visibility and accessibility. I’ve collected these over the past several months and have been waiting for a place to display them all.

 The top shelf is mostly math items: scale, abacus, numbers with counters and sand paper letters 1-10. There is also a solar powered cash register from Ikea that is a basic calculator.

The middle shelf has some language items: a big box of moveable letters, boxes of capital and lowercase sandpaper letters and a stack of double sandpaper letters.
 I put a variety of blocks on the bottom shelf for easy access to all.


The abacus proved a popular item.
Here are the moving letters in action.
Vowels are blue, Consonants are red. 
Dinah practicing with the counters.
Remy playing with sandpaper letters.
Maisie building with our new CitiBlocs. We love them.



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